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Liver Aid

Liver Aid

         Liver Aid 

         Protects the liver


Liver – the largest internal organ of the human body. The liver is part of the digestive system, has more than 500 different functions, each being essential to life. The essential functions of the body include: help in digestion of fats, storing reserves of nutrients, filtering toxins and wastes from the blood, synthesizing a variety of proteins and regulating levels of many chemicals found in the bloodstream. The liver is unique among the body organs due to its ability to regenerate, of growing back the cells destroyed by disease or lesion on the short term. But if the liver gets repeated injuries on the long term, changes become irreversible, interfering with its function.

The main function of the liver is to store energy in the form of glycogen, which is composed of a type of sugar called glucose. The liver removes glucose from the blood when its level is high. Through a process called glycogenesis, the liver combines the glucose molecules in long chains in order to create glycogen, a carbohydrate that provides a form of stored energy. When blood glucose drops below the normal level that the organism needs in order to fulfill its specific functions, the liver reverses this reaction, transforming glycogen into glucose.

Another crucial function of the liver is the production of bile, a yellowish – brown liquid containing salts that are necessary for the digestion of lipids or fats. These salts are produced by lobules. Bile lives the liver through a network of ducts being transported to the gallbladder, which concentrates and releases bile into the duodenum (only during digestion).

Vitamins are also stored in the liver. Through the portal vein passes blood rich in nutrients, the liver collects and stores vitamins A, D, E and K and also B.

The liver acts as a chemical factory. Several important proteins found in the blood are produced in the liver. One of this proteins – albumin, helps retain calcium and other substances in the bloodstream. Albumin also helps regulate the movement of water from blood into tissues. The liver also produces globin, one of the two components that form hemoglobin. Also produces other groups of proteins, including antibodies.

Many other chemicals are produced by the liver: fibrinogen, prothrombin – which help in wound healing and cholesterol – a key component of cell membranes that transports fats from the blood into tissues. Addition to manufacturing chemicals, the liver helps neutralize, inactivate and eliminate toxic substances such as: drugs and alcohol in the bloodstream. The antitoxic function is performed by absorbing toxins, chemically altering them then excretes them into bile.

Disorders that accompany liver diseases affect the normal functioning of the processes above, but clinical symptoms appear very late and only in the cases when the liver injuries are serious. Intact liver tissue may replace injured tissue functions, but that does not mean that the liver is healthy.

Our organism comes daily in contact with many harmful factors that may cause chronic liver injury. Among this factors, drugs are also included (the administration of antibiotics for a long time leads to liver damage). The harmful effect of alcohol on the liver it is also well known.

Hepatitis caused by different viruses is also very common. States of dependency (alcohol, medication), intoxication or other liver affections cause the disturbance of metabolic processes in the liver and may lead to the development of hepatic steatosis (fat in the liver), followed by cirrhosis. Disorders appear in ureogenesis, having as consequence the increased level of ammonia in the blood (blood ammonia). Very high values of blood ammonia lead to serious Liver detoxification with Liver Aid from Calivitaforms of poisoning with damage at the cellular energy metabolism and brain activity. For this reason blood ammonia must be maintained within normal limits.

Given the high importance that a healthy liver has in our body, and given that today our organism is often exposed to harmful factors that affect the liver, using a hepatoprotective product is imperative.

Calivita supports us with a product entirely extracted from natural sources and made based on numerous researches from the past 20 years: Liver Aid.

The amino acids found in Liver Aid, especially methionine, neutralizes toxic metabolites in the body (eg free radicals), thus ensuring the proper functioning of the liver cell. Free radicals are also neutralized by L – cystine administered together with other antioxidants (eg selenium).

L – cystine protects liver cells from the harmful action of some radiations, increases the protection ability of the liver and brain against the harmful actions of alcohol and cigarette smoke. Associated with arginine, provides a detoxification function.

Arginine and Ornithine help eliminate ammonia formed in the body. The hepatoprotective action of Arginine and Ornithine is essential nowadays when the environment is becoming more and more polluted, when people take medicine without thinking at the side effects, when the number of people that consume alcohol increases every day.

Chromium and Carnitine, contained by Liver Aid, through their lipolytic action, ensure the normal course of the metabolic processes in the liver.

Liver Aid active ingredients/tablet:

L-arginine - 100 mg                                      L-cysteine - 100 mg

L-ornithine - 100 mg m                                 Methionine - 100 mg

Alpha-ketoglutarate acid - 100 mg             L-carnitine - 50 mg

Choline - 25 mg                                             Alpha-lipoic acid - 12.5 mg

Silymarin extract - 15 mg                             Chromium - 25 mcg

Selenium - 10 mcg


take 3-6 capsules daily or as directed.


Do not exceed the recommended daily intake.

Food supplements cannot substitute for a balanced mixed diet.

Keep out of reach of young children.


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