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      Oxy Max - energizes you!


Life is impossible without oxygen. Our body can function harmoniously and balanced only when cells receive an adequate amount of oxygen. If, for some reason, the cells get smaller amounts of oxygen than needed, energy production processes that support vital functions are affected.

Oxy Max can be a great support for the provision of oxygen at the cellular level. A consequence of industrialization was further environmental pollution and decrease the amount of oxygen in the air. Therefore, especially in large cities, the oxygen in the air is not enough to meet the needs of the body.

Meanwhile, our body is subjected and the harmful effects of civilization, leading to increased oxygen demand. Consequently, the growing demand for oxygen is faced with a limited supply of oxygen. Stabilized oxygen is a nontoxic electrolyte concentrate that does not contain hydrogen peroxide which provides body form molecular oxygen.

Benefits Oxy Max:

- Help oxygenate cells, improves metabolism.

- Due to its detoxifying and cleansing, oxy max help the body eliminate anaerobic bacteria (Streptococcus, Staphylococcus, Salmonella, Coli).

- Oxy Max energizes the body, improves physiological processes due to oxygen molecules stabilize.

- Increases the absorption and use of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and plant extracts.

- Improves blood circulation, thus preventing the occurrence of cardiovascular disease (myocardial infarction, hypertension, stroke).

- Oxy Max relieves symptoms derived from breathing difficulties.

- may be beneficial if physical activities that require increased oxygen consumption, significantly improving physical performance.

- By increasing brain oxygenation, oxy max positively influence brain function.


Why is it necessary to use Oxy Max:

Maintaining vital functions of our body requires about 1 liter of oxygen that must come to every cell every day. This amount of oxygen is provided, in ideal cases, the proper oxygenation of the blood. But today, because of technology of modern society, there is a growing source of oxygen limitation.

If a hundred years ago in the oxygen content of the air was 22%, today, on average, 19% and 12-15% in major cities only. If the cells are not "stocked" with enough oxygen, they are turning to another source of energy for anaerobic metabolism, leading to disruption of cell metabolism and adoption by them of aberrant behavior. More pronounced pollution of the environment, consumption of foods and beverages processed through modern technology (that increase the content of harmful substances in the blood), stress, sedentary lifestyle (through lack of exercise) reduce the amount of oxygen reaching the cells.

Product use Oxy Max Calivita :

- Place 20 drops in a large cup with plain water and drink, or you can dilute 20 drops of Oxy Max in 250 ml fruit juice, raw egg yolk and honey.

- Can be applied on the skin as a disinfectant and regenerator. To soften wool periodontitis in content and applied in places with problems.

- Performs taken ill and bedridden.

- The sport athletes increase performance.

- Increase the body's energy reserves.

One bottle of Oxy Max contains spring water solution with rich active oxygen negative ions 60 ml.

Dosage: three times a day, about 20 drops of OxyMax in a glass of water, or as recommended.

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